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Garth's Story

A Letter From Garth Holding

My name is Garth Holding from Durham, Ontario and I was at your hospital for a food poisoning and problems related this past weekend in emergency.

The entire group and staff in your emergency department this weekend were wonderful and treated my wife and I with great care.

Dr. Williams in your emergency department is a wonderful doctor who understands complicated cases like mine after going through massive trauma from a car accident in 2004 where I was air lifted to Sunnybrook and underwent 23 surgeries, two near death experiences, a drug induced coma and ten years in a wheelchair. When I get a problem like food poisoning that I have currently have it can take it's toll on my body and immune system.

Dr. Williams understood that and my background from reading my file and took great care in being due diligent with me in making sure all the proper tests were taken.

I'm still under watch till I get my strength back and hopefully if all goes well I will get my regular routine back again, but what a great facility you have at the Owen Sound Hospital with dedicated professionals like Dr. Williams, Dr. Newton, Dr. Middlebrook, Dr. Lackner, Dr. McKenna and others who have handled my care over the years.

Also, Nurse Shelly and your staff of nurses in the ER are wonderful and certainly go out of their way to make you feel good when your trying to get better.

We should all be very proud of the work and service to the community that your hospital provides.

Thank you everyone in ER for taking good care of me!!


Garth Holding

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