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Friends & Family Help in Healing

Life After a Stroke

The Hospital Campaign

Fundraising Campaign

Friends, family and caregivers are an essential part of the health care team, and play an important role in a patient's mental and physical well being, and recovery.

Each patient at Grey Bruce Health Services can designate one Support Person who can stay in hospital with the patient for as long as the patient wishes - 24 hours a day if desired.

Other visitors are free to visit between 2 p.m. and 8 p.m.

For more information on designating a Support Person, and general visiting hours, read more



Stroke survivors and their caregivers are invited to a four  week program to learn more about recovering from stroke.

Participants will share their experiences, and learn how to cope, adapt, and overcome barriers to everyday life after a stroke. The course begins in Walkerton on October 8th, and in Owen Sound beginning Oct. 2.

More information on the course is available here.



The Hospital Campaign was officially launched at the end of May with a goal of raising $11.4 to improve cancer care for patients across Grey Bruce and upgrade services at all six GBHS hospitals.

Volunteers have been soliciting donations, and we are pleased to report that we have already raised $8.6 million. Well done!

Information on donating to the Campaign, photos, and events are listed below. And don't forget to watch our Campaign video of cancer patients sharing their stories. 

Read More.


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