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President and CEO Report Highlights - October 17, 2012

The following are highlights from the President and CEO’s monthly report to the Grey Bruce Health Services Board of Directors. This month’s meeting was at the Meaford hospital.

Patient Satisfaction Results

  • NRC Picker and the Ontario Hospital Association recently released patient satisfaction results for Ontario hospitals. (NRC Picker is a survey and measurement company that works with the healthcare industry.)
  • GBHS was cited as the top performer for community hospital emergency departments with overall patient satisfaction levels of 92.7%. GBHS also received a positive score of 70.7% in response to the question asking patients if they would recommend our emergency department to friends and family.
  • These survey results were welcome news for staff and physicians who work hard to provide the best care possible to patients in our emergency departments.

GBHS Rewarded for Low Wait Times

  • The Ministry of Health and Long-term Care has ranked the Owen Sound Emergency Room as fourth out of 74 hospitals across the Province based on its 2011 performance in the ER over time and its low wait times in 4 key areas.
  • The Ministry measured the time it takes patients to see a physician in the ER; the length of time patients spend waiting to be admitted to a hospital bed; as well as the length of time spent by patients in the ER with major and minor complaints. In all areas the Owen Sound ER met or exceeded the Provincial and LIHN targets for performance.
  • As a result of achieving low wait times for these 4 areas, as well as meeting self-identified ER targets established last fiscal year, GBHS has been awarded Pay For Results funding - one time funds of $1,137,000 from the South West Local Health Integration Network to implement several initiatives to continue reducing wait times.
  • GBHS will use the funding for several initiatives, including increasing hours of staff who organize patient transfers to 24/7 to help with patient movement and flow, and adding an additional physician for 4 hours in the ER in the evenings (Monday to Friday) to help see patients even faster.
  • We have also added one shift per day in nursing in the ER to quickly identify those with minor issues. These patients can be treated and discharged, which shortens the wait time, and frees up physician time for more complex illnesses.
  • The MOHLTC Pay for Results program is designed to assist those hospitals which receive more than 30,000 ER visits per year to improve patient wait times, and to link that improvement to incentive funding. As a result only the Owen Sound ER qualified for inclusion in this program.
  • Last year GBHS had close to 100,000 ER visits to all of our six hospitals combined.

Home First Launched in Owen Sound

  • Home First was launched at our Owen Sound hospital in September. The focus of this joint Community Care Access Centre/ Grey Bruce Health Services initiative is to always look to home as the discharge destination after a hospital stay, rather than being discharged to or wait-listed to a long-term care facility.
  • CCAC now has funding for increased services to allow more complex, usually elderly patients, to be discharged back to the community with intensive in-home care, including the provision of 24 hour care for up to a 4 week period.
  • The program is in its very early stages at GBHS, but already the number of acute and post-acute care patients in Owen Sound hospital designated as requiring an alternate level of care and awaiting long-term care placement has decreased.
  • Three patients have been discharged home with the aid of CCAC’s intensive home care services.
  • Home First has had a significant impact across the province and in our LHIN at St. Thomas and London, where it has also been implemented, and early indications suggest it will also have a significant impact on GBHS.
  • From a patient perspective, people who thought they would never go home again are able to do so, and for GBHS, implementation of this program means the hospital has increased capacity to admit acutely ill patients for treatment.

Media contact:

Mary Margaret Crapper,Director, Communications & Public Relations, Grey Bruce Health Services, 519-376-2121 ext. 2806,

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