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Our Medical staff are dedicated professionals who work with interdisciplinary teams to provide the best possible care to the patients throughout our region. We are pleased to provide excellent care and service in many different departments and specialties.

Former GBHS Physican Wins Prestigious Award

Dr. Chester Pitter recently won an Ontario Medical Association Life Membership Award. The OMA Life Membership recognizes physicians who are over the age of 65 and “have made an outstanding contribution to the works of the Association, the medical profession and medical science” during their careers.

Dr. Pitter started with Grey Bruce Health Services as a general surgeon in 1977, and spent his time between Owen Sound and the Southampton Hospital OR until he retired in 2007. Staff in Southampton fondly remember the calm and relaxed atmosphere that prevailed in the OR on the days Dr. Pitter was performing surgery.

Dr. Pitter took a leadership role among the physicians at GBHS and served as President of the Medical Staff for four years. He was a member of the GBHS Board of Directors for seven years, and was a strong and thoughtful advocate for his colleagues and patients.

He spent many dedicated years serving the OMA – he was a delegate to the OMA Council for eight years, and was a leader within the section on General Surgery for over ten years. For half of that decade, he was Chair of the Section and was active in a number of OMA initiatives and activities. Dr. Pitter was also one of the original Board members with the Ontario Association of General Surgeons.

Dr. Pitter is retired and now lives in Calgary.


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