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Anesthesia Machines Enhance Patient Safety

More than 12,000 people had surgery at the Owen Sound Regional Hospital last year. A vital part of the team during each and every surgical procedure performed is the anesthesiologist.

Many of think of anesthesiologists as the 'doctor that puts us to sleep'.  That's true, but their work doesn't stop there. During surgery they constantly assess the condition of the patient, administering drugs to maintain the correct level of unconsciousness.  In addition to the need for fluids or blood replacement, they closely monitor heart rate, blood pressure, heart rhythm, body temperature, respirations and more.

The anaesthesia machine is the primary tool of 10 anesthesiologists working at the hospital and this Christmas, we hope your generosity will help replace them.

Anesthesia machines used in each OR are fifteen years old and nearing the end of their serviceable life.  Because of the critical nature of anesthesia equipment, the department is moving to upgrade now, before any service or functional issues arise.  Specialized anesthesia equipment used in the MRI suite will be replaced at the same time.

The Need

10 new anesthesia machines are needed to re-equip each OR plus one machine with a specialized monitor for use in the MRI suite.  The total cost is expected to be $1.3 million.

The Benefits

Improved Patient Safety:

  • new machines feature robust patient ventilators similar to those used in the ICU
  • new machines automatically sense the amount of anesthetic gas in the lungs, maintaining the optimum level for each patient. This enables the anesthesiologist to monitor vital signs, airway, fluids, etc. more closely while the perfect level of sleep is maintained
  • larger vital signs monitors mean more information will be displayed with better readability

Operational & Environmental:

  • state of the art machines are about twice as efficient, reducing the cost and environmental impact of anesthetic gasses by up to 50%.

How Can You Help?

Please donate! Watch for our letter in your mail, stop by the Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation office on the main level of the hospital, call 519-372-3925 weekdays between 8:00 am and 4:30 pm or visit us at to donate online.

Imagine the tremendous impact your gift will have! Safety and comfort during surgery will be enhanced for more than 12,000 patients every year.

Owen Sound Regional Hospital Foundation
1800 8th Street East, Owen Sound, ON N4K 6M9
T: @oshfoundation


The hospital's current anesthesia machines were purchased in 2002 with monitors upgraded in 2006. An RFP process to choose new equipment is underway and should be complete early in 2018.

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