This is an exciting couple of weeks for staff, physicians, volunteers, and community members in Markdale as architects are hosting stakeholder workshops to complete the final design for the new hospital.

The workshops are running until February 28th and are part of the Stage 3.2 planning phase. During these sessions, the architects bring forward all of the input and revisions from the previous round of consultations and will review each department plan one last time.

“The feedback from the workshops so far has been very positive. Our healthcare providers who use the medical equipment are engaged in ensuring that the space functions efficiently and effectively for patient care and staff workflows,” said Lance Thurston, President and CEO of GBHS. “This is going to be a wonderful new hospital for Centre Grey.”

During this stage of the project, in addition to the layout of medical equipment and final selection of interior and exterior finishes, the design team is focusing on the services required for each space. The mechanical, electrical, and IT services required for each room are reviewed to ensure operational needs are met and are compliant with all applicable codes, safety and infection control standards.

The Stage 3.2 plans will be submitted to the Ministry of Health this summer, and once approved, the building specifications will be prepared for contractors to bid on construction. It is anticipated that construction will begin in 2020, and will take two years to complete.

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