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New Hospital for Markdale

The Minister of Health and Long-Term Care (Ministry of Health) announced funding for a new hospital in Markdale in September, 2014. This is a significant opportunity for Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) and for the community, and this new hospital will ensure the Centre Grey community has access to quality health care for years to come. 

There are five stages of planning for hospitals, and each stage requires approval by the Ministry of Health.

Last Updated - October 2017

GBHS Submits Designs for New Markdale Hospital

The next phase of plans for the new Markdale Hospital have now been submitted to the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care for approval. The plans, referred to as a Stage 3.1 Submission, were submitted in October 2017, and include the architectural, civil, mechanical, electrical and landscape drawings for the new hospital.

A series of images from the Submission are on display in the Markdale Hospital. The Centre Grey Hospital Foundation is also planning to mount images of the proposed design in public spaces throughout the community.

The new hospital will be approximately 68,000 square feet over two floors and includes four beds, a palliative care room, 24/7 emergency room with seven treatment areas, a procedures room, laboratory, diagnostic imaging services, physio, and space for ambulatory care clinics. A wall of windows facing south will maximize natural light, and is designed to minimize heat gain in the summer months, and take advantage of solar gains in the winter. The building will have LED lighting throughout, with building materials selected to minimize vibration and noise.

The new hospital will have 100 parking spaces for cars, and three spaces for horses and buggies.

The Ministry will work with GBHS until at least the end of this year before approving the project to proceed to the next phase, Stage 3.2.  Stage 4 involves developing contracts, finalizing construction-ready plans, completing and issuing tender documentation, and ultimately, awarding construction contracts.

The estimated overall cost of the project to $63 Million. The final cost will be adjusted depending on inflation at the time of construction. 

We are optimistic that construction can begin in 2019 and will take approximately two years. 

Highlights of the Stage 2 Submission included a request for a palliative care room for the new hospital. We heard from residents and staff that the palliative care room is important to the community, and we adjusted our Submission to request this type of care.

Updates will be provided here once our Stage 3 Submission is closer to completion.

Q & A on the New Hospital

What services will be in the new hospital?

The Minister of Health has approved the following functional areas/services for the new hospital.  These include: 

  • 24/7 Emergency Department
  • 4 patient beds
  • Procedures Room
  • Laboratory
  • Diagnostic Imaging
  • Outpatient Rehabilitation
  • Ambulatory care services

As mentioned earlier, we have also requested a palliative care room. This was not included in the original announcment made by the Minister of Health in September 2014 when we were granted approval to proceed with plans for a new hospital.

An important part of the programming of the new hospital and the services it will offer will be the working relationships we develop and maintain with the Community Health Centre, primary care providers, Grey Gables long-term care facility and community and social agencies.

Are the beds inpatient beds?

The beds in the new facility will be used for patients who require stabilization or treatment prior to being transferred to another hospital for further care, patients who require short term treatment, to ensure a safe transfer home.

This could include:

• Patients with an exacerbation of a chronic condition (e.g. COPD)

• Trauma patients where surgery and transport must be arranged

• Patients with chest pain who are awaiting results of testing

• Patients requiring blood transfusions

• Mental health patients who are waiting to be seen by the regional Urgent Response Team

The need for these beds will be compounded in winter months when travel is difficult.

While the beds are intended for shorter stays, the actual length of stay for a patient will depend on the particulars of their case, the demand for beds and the circumstances being faced by the hospital at any given time.

Is the number of beds set in stone?

In our previous submissions to the Ministry of Health for a new hospital GBHS asked to maintain the number of inpatient beds in Markdale at 14. That was not accepted by the Ministry of Health. The Minister of Health approved four beds for the new hospital.

What procedures qualify for the Procedure Room?

A Procedures Room is for medical procedures that are not performed in physicians’ offices, such as endoscopies.  The exact capabilities of the planned Procedure Room are still being developed as we work through the design process. We will be working with the physicians and staff to define the list of procedures that we believe will be appropriate for such a facility.

What about an OR?

The new hospital will not include an Operating Room, however, we are optimistic that a modern, state-of-the-art Procedure Room will allow us to offer some of the minor procedures that are currenlty done in the OR.  

When will the new hospital be built?

Optimistically, we would hope to have a shovel in the ground in 2019. Keep in mind that with any new hospital project, there are five approval steps to go through before we begin construction. Each step requires a very detailed submission. The submissions go to the SW LHIN and to the Ministry of Health for approval.

When will we hear more?

We will touch base as the project proceeds and when there is new information to share regarding our Stage 3 Submission to the Ministry of Health. Updates will be posted here on the website.


Change is not easy.

Please keep in mind that although the approved model may not be to our full liking it is an enormous opportunity for GBHS and the Centre Grey community that is not being made available by the Province to many other communities. Health care dollars are increasingly scarce, particularly new investments in rural health care.

To build a new hospital and offer the services that were approved in September of 2014 will cost over $50 million. GBHS will continue to infuse over $10 million directly into the local economy every year through wages and benefits. This is a significant investment in Grey Bruce and is certainly worth celebrating. We have the opportunity to solidify Markdale’s role in providing quality health care for generations to come.


If you would like to send us a question about the new hospital, please send it to

Click here to read the provincial government's September 2014 announcement about the new hospital.

GBHS staff met with Ministry of Health officials to advance approvals for the new Markdale Hospital. Read a summary from the meeting here.




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