Current Visitor Policy

GBHS is currently permitting a limited number of visitors (Care Partners) into our hospitals. See the chart below for how many people can visit patients in hospital, and for information on bringing family with you to appointments in hospital.

Patient Category / Location # of Care Partners/visitors Permitted Per Day Visiting Hours
Inpatients Two Care Partners/visitors per day (does not have to be the same two people every visit) 1 pm – 6:30 pm
Day Surgery  Patients will be asked to go alone.

One Care Partner with prior approval only for accessibility. If permitted to attend, You will be asked to return to the lobby to wait.

Outpatients- Ambulatory Care, Oncology One Care Partner 24/7
Emergency Department One Care Partner. To reduce crowding, please consider coming alone to ER if able 24/7
Obstetrics/Labour & Delivery Two support people for labour and delivery.
One support person ( usually father or designated other ) any time post-partum.
One visitor per day post-partum during visiting hours.
Pediatric (Under 16 years old) Inpatients/Outpatients- two parents/guardians  24/7
End of Life Exceptions to allow family at end of life- two at a time in discussion with clinical care team 24/7


  • Care Partners/visitors must pass COVID-19 screening questions each time they enter
  • Masks must be worn, and cannot be removed while in hospital
  • All Care Partners/visitors will be asked to sign-in
  • All Care Partners/visitors must wash their hands when entering, exiting patient rooms
  • Visits must take place within patient rooms
  • Children under 16 are not permitted to visit
  • COVID positive patients cannot have visitors

Virtual Visits Can I arrange a Virtual Visit? Yes. Grey Bruce Health Services is offering patients and their loved ones with free access to virtual visits. We will help set up the visit and will provide the patient with a GBHS iPad to use for the call. Virtual visits can be initiated by the family or friend of the patient and are not intended for clinical use.Do I need to do anything before a Virtual Visit?
Virtual Visits are accessed through an easy-to-use app either Zoom or FaceTime. Family and friends must have the following in place in order to connect with the patient:

  • An email address
  • A computer with a camera and microphone (either external or built in) OR a smartphone or tablet (with Zoom or FaceTime downloaded and installed)
  • Permission from the patient for the Virtual Visit to occur.

How does the Virtual Visit work?

  • Family or friends can request a Virtual Visit by using our online booking system and selecting the available day/time available. Please include the patient’s name and room number when booking.
  • The family/friend will be sent an email with the confirmed date and time and instructions on how to connect. We recommend that the link be tested beforehand; this will be outlined in the instructions sent.
  • At the time of the visit, we will bring an iPad to the patient and help the individual connect to the Virtual Visit.

Click Here to Book a Virtual Visit. If you have any questions please contact Patient Relations at 519-376-2121, Ext. 2308.