Grey Bruce Health Services (GBHS) has over 250 members of the credentialed medical staff. Our staff are dedicated professionals who work with interdisciplinary teams to provide the best possible care to the patients throughout our region.  Please see the following list of physicians in leadership positions at GBHS.

Our GBHS physicians actively participate in providing academic opportunities for medical students and residents. If you a student or a resident interested in electives, visit the Medical Students and Residents page on the left. If you are a physician looking for a permanent or a locum opportunity, see Physician Vacancies on the left side of this page.

Chief of Staff

Dr. Michael Williams

Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Chief of Staff (CoS) provides medical leadership to the Credentialed Staff appointed by GBHS, engaging physicians within all six hospitals and participating as a member of the Executive Team.  The CoS works closely and collaboratively with the President and CEO and Vice Presidents of GBHS on corporate priorities aligned with the strategic plan and is the Chairperson of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC).

Presidents, Medical Staff Associations (MSAs)

Dr. Megan Grigg    Dr. Megan Grigg, Rural MSA President

Anesthesiology - Dr. Eric Brown, Chief Department of Anaesthesiology Dr. Eric Brown, Urban MSA President

As officers of the MSAs, the Rural and Urban presidents act as a liaison between the medical staff, the CEO, and the Board with respect to matters concerning the credentialed medical staff at GBHS.  They represent both MSA groups on the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) and are ex-officio directors of the Board.

Dr. Robin CoombesAnesthesiology

Dr. Robin Coombes, Chief Department of Anaesthesiology

A strong, collegial department with eight FRCPC certified anesthesiologists who provide coverage for adults and paediatrics in obstetrics/gynaecology, general surgery, orthopedics, ENT, urology, thoracic surgery, dental and vascular surgery, as well as acute pain service and chronic pain treatment.

Medical Imaging

Dr. Michael Schmidt, Chief Department of Medical Imaging

The Diagnostic Imaging Service at GBHS offers all imaging modalities including CT, ultrasound, and interventional radiology to manage a very interesting and diverse caseload across all six hospital sites. Our group of radiologists include physicians with advanced training in MRI, Body Imaging and Interventional Radiology. GBHS is the sole regional provider of magnetic resonance (MR), nuclear medicine, and bone densitometry. The Owen Sound hospital site also acts as the Ontario Breast Screening Program’s regional Breast Assessment Centre. A picture archiving and communication system (PACS) is fully implemented throughout the regional hospital network.

Dr. Suni Mehta


Dr. Sunil Mehta, Chief Department of Emergency Medicine

Our local Emergency Department physicians provide 24/7 coverage for the GBHS – Owen Sound site while also operating as the regional base hospital for EMS services.

The Owen Sound site offers 24/7 extensive multidisciplinary back up for the entire region as well as in house 24 hour laboratory and radiology services including CT and MRI.

As the district stroke centre we also operate as the stroke bypass centre for the entire Grey-Bruce region.

In addition, GBHS also operates emergency departments in all 5 regional sites (Meaford, Markdale, Lion’s Head, Southampton, Wiarton) with 24 hour service provided by local physician groups.

Family Medicine

Dr. Debbie Dyke, Chief Department of Urban Family Medicine

The Owen Sound (OS) urban hospital site has a small group of physicians providing inpatient care and is the primary site for the McMaster family medicine residency program with GBHS.  There are also a number of physicians involved in other hospital-related activities such as obstetrics, ER, palliative care, surgical assisting, and mental health and addiction care. All OS physicians are part of the Owen Sound Family Health Team, and as such provide after-hours care, helping to reduce the number of visits to our local Emergency department while also managing their own practices in collaboration with the Family Health Team and are involved in the programs that are offered by that group.

Dr. Harvey Winfield Dr. Harvey Winfield, Chief Department of Rural Family Medicine

Each of GBHS’ five rural hospitals, Lion’s Head, Markdale, Meaford, Southampton and Wiarton, have teams of family medicine physicians. Sites provide 24/7 Emergency and inpatient services. Each site has outpatient clinics and there are outpatient surgical services with GP anesthesia at four hospitals.

Hospital Medicine

Dr. William Doelman, Chief Department of Hospital Medicine

Hospitalists provide care for non-critical care medical and/or surgical patients over the age of 18. On-Call support also includes rehabilitation and psychogeriatric units, plus healthy newborns on weekends. Each Hospitalist carries a maximum patient load between 15 to 20 patients. The average on-call commitment includes 2 weeknights and 1 in 4 weekends. There is excellent support from consultant specialists and the emergency department, as well 24-hour labs and comprehensive diagnostic imaging (CT, MRI, PACS capability). Educational affiliations with the Rural Ontario Medical Program (ROMP) and the Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry provide a wide range of teaching opportunities.


Dr. Greg Becks, Chief Department of Internal Medicine

The Service currently has eleven full or part time members. Subspecialties include Cardiology, Neurology, Endocrinology, Respirology and Gastroenterology. There is a significant volume of cardiac patients in addition to a varied general internist practice.

Dr. Melissa CometteObstetrics/Gynaecology

Dr. Melissa Comette, Chief Department of Obstetrics/Gynaecology

The department has six specialists offering a full range of gynecologic care throughout a woman’s life. We offer medical expertise and advanced surgical skills. Areas of interest include contraception and family planning, management of menstrual or menopausal abnormalities and colposcopy for cancer prevention and treatment.

Our team of obstetricians provide primary care for both low and high risk pregnancy and birth in Owen Sound. We also provide obstetric consultation for surrounding low risk centers, family physicians and midwives. We are supported by pediatric specialists, anaesthesiologists and the intensive care nursery.


Dr. Shani Cato, Chief Department of Paediatrics

The Department is currently staffed by four full-time and one part-time pediatrician. The Department provides general consultant pediatric service with 24/7 call coverage to the Grey Bruce region. Some pediatricians have academic appointments and are actively involved in supervising clinical clerks and residents. The Department provides support to the Obstetrical Service in Owen Sound which has ~ 750 deliveries per year. There is a Level II Intensive Care Nursery with the capacity to deliver assisted ventilation (CPAP) and TPN. The Department supports routine deliveries to premature infants as early as 32 weeks gestation. The pediatricians also have admitting privileges to the ICU. The pediatricians office-based practice is referral-based and is serviced through the Ambulatory Pediatric Clinic at the hospital. The Department offers regular Pediatric Diabetes Clinics supported by a CDE-qualified RD and RN, a newly established Asthma Clinic, and a truly unique and comprehensive Pediatric Mood Disorder/ Mental Health Clinic. The pediatricians also provide outreach pediatric services to the communities of Kincardine, Hanover & Walkerton.

Dr. Ardit DeliallisiPathology

Dr. Ardit Deliallisi, Chief Department of Pathology

This is a true general pathology practice with a broad range of surgical pathology, hematopathology, cytopathology, as well as medico legal and hospital autopsies. This department is well supported by the hospital with strong technical and equipment resources. The pathologists provide consultative services to Grey Bruce Health Services and the South Bruce Grey Health Centre (10 hospitals in total).


Dr. Nichodemus Ugwu, Chief Department of Psychiatry

GBHS’ eleven psychiatrists, based at the Owen Sound hospital, support the Schedule 1 inpatient service and/or provide consultation to three community-based multi-agency mental health teams. The psychiatrists support a comprehensive range of ambulatory programs including the Crisis Team, Community Outreach Treatment Team, the Assertive Community Treatment Team, Psychogeriatric assessment and treatment, Dual Diagnosis and Aftercare Services.

The Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists at GBHS work closely with LHIN partners at London Health Sciences Centre and Parkwood Institute, St. Joseph’s Health Care London as well as local community partners.

Dr. Ingrid Savasi


Dr. Ingrid Savasi, Chief Department of Surgery

The Department of Surgery offers a wide array of surgical care, with excellent anaesthesia support, first-rate equipment and high quality ICU back up. The Department has seven divisions: Dentistry, General Surgery, Gynecology, Orthopedics, Otolaryngology, Ophthalmology and Urology. We also have cross-appointments with Internal Medicine for Thorascopic, Endoscopic, and Pacemaker Services.

COVID has forced us to take a closer look at volumes of through-put to allow appropriate social distancing in every step through the journey of one’s surgical event. We are working collaboratively with Interventional Radiology to expand the Endovascular procedures offered here at GBHS.