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Executive Compensation Framework

Grey Bruce Health Service (GBHS) has established an Executive Compensation Framework, a new requirement of the provincial government for designated public sector organizations, including colleges, universities, hospitals and government agencies.

Hospital organizations are required to select at least eight comparator organizations, preferably in the same sector, and to set salary levels for the senior staff at no more than the 50th percentile in comparison with other similar organizations. Under this framework, public sector corporations will be prohibited from providing future salary increases above this level without public consultation, with the exception of cost of living increases that all staff receive.

The provincial government has recognized that compensation needs to be fair for the responsibilities of executives who proudly serve in the public interest, but wants to further ensure that executive salaries are established and maintained appropriately.

GBHS's Board of Directors has struck an Executive Compensation sub-committee to ensure that the process is completed fairly and puts the organization in a position to be able to attract executive talent in the future. The committee's evaluation indicates that GBHS's executive salaries are below the 50th percentile of comparable organizations.

The Executive Compensation Framework includes the following:

  • President and Chief Executive Officer
  • VP Corporate and Diagnostic Services (CFO)
  • VP Patient Care and Quality (CNE)
  • VP, People & Organizational Effectiveness (CHRO)
  • VP Information Technology (CIO, CPO)
  • Chief, Communications and Public Affairs
  • Chief of Medical Staff

Executive Compensation Framework - February 2018

We are committed to implementation of a transparent compensation framework that meets Ministry requirements and attracts and retains qualified professionals dedicated to our patients and to the communities we serve.

Mark Ostland
Chair, GBHS Board of Directors

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